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MIT – TESTIMONIAL from Charles Godbout

Hey Matt,

How are you doing? Matt you save my life... well, I’m only 27 years old, but I tried so many way to make money online without figuring out a basic and easy way to do it... As an Aerospace Mechanical Engineer and a Commercial Pilot, I wasn`t making money online because I was too technical... but, on the other hand, as a pilot (way of thinking), I wanted to do much more and much faster; I needed a system... pilots like systems... well, guess what? Matt, not only gave me the system but also showed me how to operate it completely (... as a pilot would operate his own airplane). I came back from MIT Bootcamp less than one week ago and I already have 500 users (interested in GPS Systems) in my e-mail list and a few messages and “GPS System Tips” waiting to go out to my subscribers.

Thank you a lot Matt Bacak, Josh Brown and all your Team,
... I don’t think I would ever have gone that far without you !!

Charles Godbout

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The Formula


Thanks again for the talk today. I have learned more in the past month
going over your "The Formula" and "Internet Millionaire Coaching" than I
have the past 3 years in this industry and I thought that I knew pretty

Have a great day

Lehman Hailey

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JV Partners


Thanks for keeping me on the JV list. I got one partner so far made a $100 bucks.

Hopefully more will want to do some Real Estate JV's

Take care,

Charles W. Moore
Learn the Secrets to Buy &
Sell Rent To Own Homes Fast!

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Matt: Thank you for taking the time to lead our MIT class. The value so exceeded the cost and I really am drawn to your passion. Your staff is outstanding and were very giving and helpful as I stumbled through this learning process. Thank you for having Stephanie bring your daughters and take time to say hello to us. I enjoyed hearing her give voice to her view of your business and strongly sensed her support of you. Count that as a real blessing, man. I appreciated the spot you created for open questions at the end. I wish we had a written evaluation to complete so that you could see what the others in the class thought of the total experience. Giving that feedback to a presenter is sometimes hard (intimidating) for people to do in an open-type forum. Matt, I think you're great and I am so grateful for having had the chance to learn from you. Many thanks. May those to whom love is a stranger find in you a generous friend.

Scott Smallwood,
Sr. Consultant,
Wealth Masters Intnl.

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MIT- Testimony

I recently attended Matt's Millionaire Internet Training and I was blown away by the amount of valuable information that was shared with us. I am so grateful that Matt is willing to be an open book to those who want to be succesfull as an internet marketer. He is such a real person...and that makes it so much easier to imagine myself, an average person, to also be successful. Matt gives 100% of himself in his seminar. He is a true light in the world. His honesty and genuineness is matched by his ingenious ideas. I feel so blessed that his work has crossed my path. He gave me hope again that I can fulfill my lifetime dreams. How can one even put a price on that? Thank you, Matt Bacak.

Blessings to you and your family,
Dr Patricia M Felici, McAllen, Texas.

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Big Boy – Greg P – updated testimonial

Matt Bacak tore open the vault containing his marketing expertise
and literally handed me a step-by-step blueprint for selling high
ticket items over the telephone. In just 6 weeks using Matt’s proven
system, I was able to collect over $200,000 in brand new sales
from my existing customers.

The funny thing was, that money was there all along. All
I had to do was know how to ask for it. Thank you, Matt!

- Greg Poulos

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