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MIT – TESTIMONIAL from Charles Godbout

Hey Matt,

How are you doing? Matt you save my life... well, I’m only 27 years old, but I tried so many way to make money online without figuring out a basic and easy way to do it... As an Aerospace Mechanical Engineer and a Commercial Pilot, I wasn`t making money online because I was too technical... but, on the other hand, as a pilot (way of thinking), I wanted to do much more and much faster; I needed a system... pilots like systems... well, guess what? Matt, not only gave me the system but also showed me how to operate it completely (... as a pilot would operate his own airplane). I came back from MIT Bootcamp less than one week ago and I already have 500 users (interested in GPS Systems) in my e-mail list and a few messages and “GPS System Tips” waiting to go out to my subscribers.

Thank you a lot Matt Bacak, Josh Brown and all your Team,
... I don’t think I would ever have gone that far without you !!

Charles Godbout

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