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Vast amount of information that Matt provided to us.

Hi, Matt

Below is a testimonial from David and I regarding your class last (July 16th ):

My wife and I recently attended Matt’s Millionaire Internet Training and we are still in awe over the vast amount of information that Matt provided to us. We began marketing our product on the internet in June 2007 and by the time we met Matt, we had already blown over $15000 in fees to one of those high dollar so-called internet marketing expert companies!! And to make matters worse, all we did was learn a very expensive lesson with little to no significant return for the money. Now that we have had the privilege of gaining the knowledge we have from Matt, we have a plan to make all of that money back and more in just a few short weeks. Words cannot express how grateful we are for Matt. He is so giving of himself and he genuinely cares if we succeed. We feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from him!

David and Tammy Jackson

PS. We will send you another testimonial when we make our first $100,000!

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this past weekend was fantastic.

Hello Matt,

I think the Millionaire Internet Training class this past weekend was fantastic.

I have never been one to give testimonials. However,
your class was a unique, refreshing departure from the
usual perpetual pitchfest, promotion oriented classes
offered by many instructors. You over-delivered, by
providing lots of pertinent,practical content... and
you covered the most critical topics that newbies,
like me as as well as experienced marketers in the
class seemed to finding useful.

You conveyed this information in a direct, easy to understand manner. In fact, I've got to get busy handling the hundreds of "opt-ins" that have been generated within the first 48 hours of receiving your instruction on a few simple traffic generating techniques. This class is a must for today's online entrepreneur.

W L Gordy

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Results in from MIT to Big Boy!

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