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I Increased My Loan Business

Thanks for the info, Matt. Just a quick note, I would love to
attend, but I am in Richmond VA that weekend. I think you'll like
what I have been preparing for online marketing. Just from the few
tips you gave, I've already increased my loan business and I haven't
even begun to put into practice all the other things I've been
listening to on your cd's. Thanks for the lift and I hope to bring
income into your life as well.

Tim McNutt, Big Boy Attendee and President/CEO
of New Hope Financial Group, LLC

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Michael Kimble Talks about Matt Bacak

"It was good spending time with you in your office and learning
about your model and systems this week. I spend lots of money on
education and this was some of the best money I've ever spent.
Look forward to implementing your strategies!"

- Michael Kimble, President
Group M Marketing, Inc.

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Better Than Harvard Business School

Dear Matt,

I can't thank you enough for all the help you have given me already!
Wow! I think this (Big Boy/Big Girl) is the best investment I've ever
made (better even than Harvard Business School!). It is so awesome for
newbies like me to be able to get such inout and guidance from a
phenomenally successful guru like you. Life is great!

Gina Carr
Woodstock, GA

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Check out Matt Bacak’s Blog

Here is Matt Bacak's Blog:

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