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Thanks for the Internet Millionaire Intensive!

Hi Matt,

Thanks so much for all you taught me at the Internet Millionaire Intensive! I'm so glad I came this weekend. (I don't know if you remember me...I was sitting in the second row, on your left. I asked you about the tweak you wanted to do to my Google Adwords campaign. Josh did it for me.)

Anyway, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all that you did for us. The laptop is great. I've been wanting one for a long time. The free Internet Gateway and Merchant Account. Wow. You are a very generous person.

Your team was wonderful, too. Everyone was so helpful. I appreciate you letting us have access to them when we have questions. That is such a huge benefit. It is so nice to know that when I hit a snag I can call someone and get help right away.

I'm a friend of Rhea Perry's. I've been learning Affiliate Marketing from her. She highly recommends you! Her words were "Whatever Matt has to say...listen to him. He knows what he is talking about. He's a great guy, too."

I'll see you again at Rhea's conference in L.A.


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The first thing i did when we got home…

the first thing i did when we got home tonight was buy the domain pretty cool huh?

Anyhow Matt, on a personal note i just want you toknow that this 3 day course changed the 'path' ofour lives. I'm truly sooooo excited about our business potential now that i understand more about the web, that I just can't stand it!! My vision has been stretched immensely and i am blessed to have beengiven this opportunity by someone such as yourself! Thank you Matt Bacak for your kindness, your unselfishness, your genuine character, your widsom,but most important your willingness to do it all in'serving' others! It's like i said to you during our'cocktail hour' after the course...whatever you dofor the good of others and from the heart,God will return the blessing abundantly!

Have a Blessed day,
Carol WoolgarPresident & Founder,
The WOW SeminarsOrlando, FL

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“You must get involved…”

"Matt Bacak is proof that all the Internet marketing techniques you have heard about are true! He shares openly what has worked for him and creates the confidence that the systems are for real and will work for anyone.

You must get involved to make your marketing current with today’s technology. Get ready for massive growth in your business."

Juanita Bellavance (Atlanta,GA)

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“My list within 48 hours was up to 247 people”

"Matt, Thanks so much for all your assistance thus far regarding list building etc.. My list within 48 hours was up to 247 people and it is continuing to build quickly."

Nicole Bermudez, Atlanta, GA The Renovator

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testimonial from Judith & Jim

Matt and Josh,

Your entire series is very impressive. And we found
your segment on JVs particularly exceptional because
you covered the ins and outs of the whole process which
we've never heard anyone else do in all the various workshops,
teleseminars, and audios we've learned from. We would
recommend your course to anyone.

Judith & Jim
Judith Sherven, PhD and Jim Sniechowski, PhD

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Testimonial for you –


We are so sorry we had to jump off of your call today
because we had a pre-set call time with Alex M.
And that call lasted an hour.

So we missed everything from # 9 on. Rats! We hated
missing the last portion.

Because we are always so impressed with what you and Josh
(and your team provide).

And, after you talked about the importance of testimonials
we realized that we've never given you one.
A well deserved one, we would add -- so here goes . . .

Matt Bacak's Internet Millionaire Intensive weekend is
a must for any internet marketer that's not already making
a small fortune. We received an enormous amount of practical,
hands on training as well as crucial insight into what it takes
to create a seriously successful online business.
PLUS the added extras, the free follow-up sessions and
content-rich training calls are awesome.
Thank you Matt!

Judith & Jim

Judith Sherven, PhD and James Sniechowski, PhD

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