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You “under promise” and “over deliver”!

Dear Mr. Bacak,

My son and I attended your Internet Marketing Dynasty seminar this past weekend, and we were, still are, and we have no doubt that we will be, very much appreciative of the “Mindset” you have given us along with the skills you have shared.

It was extremely interesting that we were one of four families in attendance. They, like us, can surely see that what you deliver is far more than what you offer. You “under promise” and “over deliver”! Thank-you; thank-you; thank-you!

Spending over 22 real-time hours with you was a truly remarkable experience. Not once did you concern yourself with your time, but you made sure we understood, and, that we were completely satisfied with the details of your internet marketing techniques and how to maximum their applications. Your IMD seminar components: Mindset; Foundation; Getting Started; and, Making Money were vividly shown to us in a practical manner. In addition, you always have around you your extremely capable staff… a team of men and women who are “expert”; in the full meaning of the word.

The crux of your program is the POWERFUL LEAD GENERATION SYSTEM. Not just a system in theory, but a system for the real world. When we left, we left with a functioning website specifically designed for the business that we developed, and was nurtured by you. Within a few days we began to receive clients as a result of our squeeze page! WOW!! I will continue to let you know our progress.

Anyone that comes to your IMD seminar with a desire to be a multi-millionaire will leave with the “mindset” and the “traffic” they need to be a successful internet marketer; on their way to their million dollar goal… we are. It is amazing how fast we have been able to build a lead-generation system with a permission-based email list of clients, offering them valuable information; products; and, services. This has been an exercise in excellence, for my family and our business. Thank you.

With Warmest Regards & Respect,

Lawrence A. Muhammad

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