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your weekly Q & A calls

Hi Matt!

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate and have learned from your weekly Q & A calls. I can sincerely say that I have learned more about internet marketing from your calls than I learned when I paid an "internet guru" $6,000 for his mentor program and 25% of sales thereafter.

At east 2 "gurus," come to mind, including the aforementioned one, that actually look for reasons not to answer questions and, if they do, they essentially use the opportunity to upsell, i.e, if you really want success, buy this and here's the link. After a certain point, this gets pretty old.

So this is the first thing I noticed about your calls. You answer the questions and do not use each one as a "teaser" opportunity and a chance to upsell something else.

So you know what you know and you do not hold back in answering what you know.

So thanks again for your calls and I appreciate your willingness to share.

Tony Papajohn

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