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"Matt is a millionaire maker." Vera Gilford, Esq.,

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Mingo’s first Break through


Thank you so much for the teaching. I was on the road from New Jersey to Niagara while you had your conference call..... I'm sorry I missed it.

However, I just checked adwords and autoresponder and almost peed in my pants!!!!!
81 clicks and 17 squeezers !!! I'm so exited that I'm not thinking straight..... what next ! Aaaahhhhhhhh!

This is absolutely great!!!

Good health, rest and much love,


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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. This weekend for me was AWESOME beyond your wildest imagination. I watched you this weekend with awe and I am so very proud of you. You are a son that makes a Momma happy. May God shower is blessings of Love, Joy, Peace, excellent Health and continued prosperity on you and your family with added abundance to your business family who are MAGNIFICENT (Erick, Tera, Krystola, Devon, Rich, Matt Tanner, Mark and Holly). YOU ALL ROCK!! May, God shower extra special blessings upon you all.

You're Simply the Best!!
Roz Kelley

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Re: JV Call reminder and more…

Hi Matt,

I loved the new format. It seemed so productive to have the
questions emailed to you and have you just talk. The quality also
was so good. Thanks. Please keep this format.

Wow, it was great.

Gina Morgan

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I got my first $55.00 commission from a sale that came from my first broadcast to my tiny list of 284 people. I'm SO EXCITED. I used ListOpt, got 284 that stuck, then sent the broadcast to them, even though I was sending regular autoresponder e-mails about something else, and WALAH, I got a sale in less than 3 hours!!!!!!!!! Yippee! If I my list was 284,000 then I could have purchased a Mercedes tomorrow like you did recently :-)

Thanks for what you taught me and what you will YET teach me. I'm looking forward to coming in September to the Big Boy/Big Girl Seminar!!!

I'm on your Monday night call right now!

-- Tim Savage

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