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Thanks for the follow up, Matt

Thanks for the follow up. You are truly the most awesome, which
is one of the many reasons why you are a massive success!


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Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…

Hello Matt,
Happy Thanksgiving to you, Stephanie, Taylor and Madison.
I'm grateful for your coaching and sharing your expertise with me.
As well I hope your Thanksgiving was a delicious day spent with your family and friends in love, good health, harmony, abundance and in creating wonderful memories and strengthening bonds.
May all the days forward into 2007 fast track you to reaching your goals and hearts desires.
Highest and Grateful Regards,
Marla LaRue

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Thanks again for the blessing

I sent a long thank you earlier but I wasn't sure you got it. My connection was poor and fading. I just wanted to let you know I appreciate you and your awsome team. Shan really did a great job helping me on my page. It was better than what I had envisioned . I look forward to giving you a millionaire endorsement some day soon. I listened to the first CD and my jaw dropped when I heard your goals. I'mnot dreaming big enough. But Il'll start with $100 per day too. Thanks Matt.

You and your team rock big time. And I know you actually try to help people. You are a light in a dark world in my book. I'm going to finish this cd befrore I go to sleep. Thanks again for the blessing. Glenn Wooten

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Re: JV Blurb

Thanks also for the JV exchange. I have gotten several JV Partners who arewilling to help me--I haven't approached anyone yet--just wanted to see whowas out there first. This is so encouraging to me. You are fantastic! Howcan I thank you?

Have a wonderful vacation with your family--enjoy Europe!!!!

Pam Garcy, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

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