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A Fun Filled Weekend

Thanks for the Atlanta event, it was great. Learning from successful people encourages me. You sorted out winners and gave me access to learning. When we all learn together, our success grows together. I’m learning how to use people in their special area. You give me inspiration and one day soon, my success will catch up with yours. It was a fun filled weekend, let’s do it again!
Paul Hastings

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Matt Bacak makes you rich for life!

Everything! Tony Robbins makes you motivated
for a day….Matt Bacak makes you rich for life!

Stefan Lvbinski

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MIT Course Is Tops

Matt and Team,

Your MIT course is tops when it comes to the implementation. No where else can you get this kind of on site experience and help. Best three days I have ever spent in training. I’m so glad that I started my Internet Marketing training with you and your staff. A great experience! It’s as good as it gets!

Fred Gagnon, Atlanta Chapter Director

Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle

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Willing To Do “whatever it takes.”

The “Team” was very personable and honest it was willing to do “whatever it takes.” Matt and the team created a safe, comfortable collegial environment. Hands on- Getting me up and running rather than just sending me home with another manual. The participants- it’s always great to be in the company of other L.L.L. (life long learners) who are committed to being the best they can be.
Mark Karty

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