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Emailed this Last Night to IMGold and Past Students

Subject: No call tonight, but still ask... [IMGold Members and Students]
Sent: Dec 7, 2009 8:33 PM

I just got home a few minutes ago
and got to see the kids before they
went to bed. (They were waiting)

Anyway, today all day I did a
private training for all past
students and IMGold members.

Because of that, I'm not doing the
Q&A; call tonight on the phone.

I just did it LIVE all day.


I will still take questions now
and I'll answer them after I recover
from this long non-stop FOUR day
'Survival Tactics' seminar.

So ASK your questions below:

Remember, I'll answer all the
questions as soon as I can and
then email you the recording.

Thanks again for everyone that
came to the event. You ROCK!

Matt Bacak


Here is one of the responses I got:

You are such an over-delivering machine!!! You're saying you're gonna do a "call"-thats-really-just-a-recording-but-basically-actually-a-call a couple days from now to make sure you don't miss a week of answering everybody's q's?? Ie, especially the q's from the ones who didn't show up for you at the event? That is so astonishingly over the top. You totally rock dude.

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