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Increases on Average by $5,000 a month!!!

Hey Matt,

I just wanted to share a few stats I've had in my business by just following one simple strategy you've taught.

I opened a new shopping cart (see image) to track the progress of just this one part of my business and as you'll see since October of 2007 to April of 2008 my income from this ONE strategy alone has NOT only increased my monthly revenue in this part of my business by $35,062 per month, but on top of that each month I keep plugging away my
monthly income has increases on average by $5,000 a month.

Do the math. . .

I keep this up and by December that number should jump to around
$85,000 a month – putting just this one part of the business at
$1,000,000+ per year for 2009. The future looks bright, and I haven't
even put ALL your advice into action, expect another update soon.

What Matt says, if you just go out and do it will make you money hands
down. Spending money with Matt is one of the best investments I've
made in my life.

To the top,

Daegan Smith
"The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead"

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Justin Lee Talks about Matt Bacak

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I would NEVER go back into Internet marketing again.


It is now 9:28 AM – 3/8/2008. Even though I didn't get to sleep until about 3:30 AM, I had to get up and write this email to you. I cannot tell you how much of a difference you have made not only in my life, but also in the life of my 12-year-old son Elijah.

I started my first online business back in 1997 when Elijah was 1 ½ because I was a bored-as-heck stay-at-home mom working by myself with a hand-me-down computer with 14.4k modem. I did some things right in that business and at the height of the company in 2002 was pulling in over $75,000 a month in revenues. BUT I also made a lot of mistakes in that business, tried to go in too many directions with too much overhead and had to shut down the business in early 2004. Believe me, I didn't give up easily. When things were going downhill, I went to a very high-end seminar by one of the biggest names in marketing who spent 2 ½ hours hot-seating my company (and about 9 others) over the course of five days. I tried to take my company in a different direction, but I was too deep in debt at that point and was not able to turn things around in time. I had to declare bankruptcy in 2005 – that was one of the hardest things I ever had to do in my life.

I promised myself that I would NEVER go back into Internet marketing again.

In the spring of 2007, I got an email from someone I had never heard of before, saying that I could go for free to your Marketing Madness Live. I still wanted to work with kids in poverty in a nonprofit program I will be starting soon, eBiz4Youth, so I figured since it was the seminar was free and I could drive there, I could at least go and at least network with some Internet marketers to help with this program. I also took Elijah with me who was 11 at that time. Because he has Asperger's Syndrome (a form of high-functioning autism) and had been dealing with a lot of depression (even feeling suicidal at times), I couldn't leave him at home with his step-dad. I had never heard of you before, Matt, but meeting you at that seminar changed my life and Elijah's.

I went to your next two customer appreciation seminars with Elijah and decided at the last one in March to go with Elijah to your Big Boy/Big Girl Boot-Camp. That was the best decision I have ever made.

In the past two days working with you and your team, I learned how to help Elijah build a business the RIGHT way. Since he was playing Pirates of the Caribbean most of the time you were talking, I wasn't sure how much he was actually listening. I quizzed him in the car back to the hotel and was amazed that he was able to remember the most important things (big picture and detailed stuff) that you and your team helped us learn. Even though we are not going to implement every single part of your system in his business right now, you showed us what we need to do right now to get money coming in this month and use other parts of your system later in the way we need to for our niche.

There were attendees who were complete newbies that didn't even have a business model or domain name. There were people who had multi-million dollar businesses. I watched how you worked with each person and helped them with where they are right now and spoon-fed them exactly what they each needed. I watched as people came out of their private strategy sessions with you beaming because they had what they needed to take the next steps they needed in their business.

Feel free to share this with anyone who is considering whether or not to attend your Big Boy/Big Girl Boot-camp. My advice to anyone who is on the fence is this:

If you are a newbie, Matt will make sure you are not overwhelmed and you will leave with exactly what you need. Matt will make sure you take the first steps YOU need before moving onto the next.

If you are already doing well with your business Matt will give you what you need to take your business to whole new level. If you implement what he tells you, you will be making a HECK of a lot more money than you are right now.

If you have done your business the wrong way before, Matt will make sure you know how to do it right this time.

I am someone who has spent over $76,000 in Internet marketing training materials. This is not including e-books that are still sitting on my hard drive never opened or software products or travel or food to attend seminars and trainings. Out of all these training programs I have, there are only two people's programs that include email access to and phone coaching with the person who is selling the program. I cannot emphasize how important that is in a training program. Matt is one of these people and the other person is someone Matt highly recommended whose course I bought at one of his customer appreciation seminars.

If you are a person who never takes action, don't bother signing up for Big Boy/Big Girl (or anything else for that matter). You will be wasting Matt's time and your own.

BUT if you are someone who wants to build a business the right way or grow your business to an entirely new level, I cannot give a higher recommendation to anyone than to work with Matt Bacak! If this is you and you are still sitting in your seat, get off your butt, get out your credit card, and go to the back of the room right now and sign up for Big Boy/Big Girl. I can guarantee that you will not regret it.

Thank you Matt for everything!!

Juliet Easton
P.S. Elijah agrees with everything I just said!

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