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testimonial for JV call

Hey Mark,I wasn't able to listen in on Matt's live call on 11 Dec, but I did listento the mp3 recording yesterday. He talked about google adwords and a fewstrategies of piling words and changing/adding on site targeted words, andthen adding the conversion tracking. So after I got off the call, I spentsome time and did all that...Lo and behold, this morning when I got on to"test and tweak" my adwords, I noticed that those few things I did lastnight paid off....I'm at 100% conversion on one campaign, and 75% on theother.Bottom line....those mp3 recordings are VALUABLE! Thanks Matt, for doingthose brain dumps and not holding back awesome strategies and straightanswers to the submitted questions. Especially for us newbies to thisinternet marketing stuff..that is, marketing on the internet the profitableway.And Mark, thanks for the brainstorm this morning.....I know I asked for gratiously gave me 20! I do appreciate it....Now back to work re-focusing and tweaking my info products.....m

President, Aroma Rx Inc

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Git ‘er Waaaay Done is much more like it

Matt and Shawn’s Git ‘er Done Monday needs to be renamed.
Git ‘er Waaaay Done is much more like it. Many marketers tell
you they will reveal secrets but what they end up "revealing"
is anything but. At Git ‘er Done Monday real secrets — better
described as little known techniques that really work —
flowed abundantly, like from a deep well.

We're grateful to have been there and will return whenever Matt
and Shawn offer it or anything like it again. And so should you.

Judith Sherven, PhD & Jim Sniechowski, PhD

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Thanks for the Atlanta event

Thanks for the Atlanta event, it was great. Learning from successful people encourages me. You sorted out winners and gave me access to learning. When we all learn together, our success grows together. I’m learning how to use people in their special area. You give me inspiration and one day soon, my success will catch up with yours. It was a fun filled weekend, let’s do it again!

Paul Hastings

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top of Amazon’s best seller list

The event was absolutely amazing and I learned so many incredible things that will help me with my business. I can’t thank you enough; I feel sorry for anyone trying to do business on the internet that didn’t come. See you at the top of Amazon’s best seller list.
Brandon Stoh

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Marketing Madness 2006


I just wanted to thank you for a very powerful weekend at MarketingMadness 2006. This was the first event I have ever been to and I am soglad I made it. The "Just Do It" theme of your speech and the advice allof you gave me has got me up and running. No more procrastination, mysite is UP after many months of trying to figure out what to do. I lookforward to attending every possible event that you and Shawn Caseysponsor because it is just what I and everybody else needs if they wantto succeed on the Internet. Thanks again for the kick in the butt andthe great presentations of all your guests.

Barry Ramlow
BR Marketing

PS; Here is the site I created During Marketing Madness 2006, in myhotel room after hours using just some of the great information you gaveme each day!

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Re: JV question/comment

Dear Matt, On the JV call 12/12/06, someone asked you which information guru to follow, as a newbie, because he or she is being inundated by hundreds of experts. You gave an explanation of look for success, etc. The answer is: Find one expert or program and Focus on that one. The person had already found you, and is being distracted by all the others who are trying to get her attention. She or he should just delete all the others, get off their mailing lists, and study a proven expert: you. Focus, focus, focus. It was good to be at Marketing Madness, and Git R Done, and I appreciate all your help.

Warmest regards,


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BIG BOY MTANO Re: Regarding Matt Bacak’s course

Matt,I just wanted to take the deserved time to thank you once again.There is less than a handful of people on this earth that have trulymentored me. And only a single one that is younger than me - you.You have taken me under your wing, graciously taking the time andeffort well beyond that which was asked of you. So thank you, fromthe bottom of my heart and my pocket! 2007 will be mine for thetaking, but only because I met a man by the name of Matt Bacak.11/12/06

Mtano Loewi

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Matt--The MIT was Awesome!

Thank you for the efforts of you and your team--everyone did a great job. Secondly, I have a number of ideas that could potnetially make what youdid even more powerful. I'd also really like to give you the input youwant.With that, please send me your specific questions and areas you'd like meto address and I will. It's important to get you exactly what you want.I apprecaite you committment to help me drive some traffic to and throughthe card program. The easiest way to make sure you maximize the revenuethrough this vehicle is to get you enrolled--even if you can't or don'thave time to give to it at the moment.Do you know Kurt Christensen? I heard that he is another big internetmarketing "guru" that has gotten involved? The adwords have already created about 40 clicks today. 40 is better than it was but certainly notwhere it's going.Thanks again for everything--your knowledge is second to none!--

Warmest Regards,
Scott Schilling

P.S. If you haven't signed up for my Lead Follow Up system,
you are reallymissing out, go

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*CHANGE* and Tonight’s JV Call info…

Hi Matt...just walking in the door from my return trip from Atlanta...can'tparticipate tonite but will do so next week. Still feeling the glow ofsatisfaction from your course...need to make a big to do list! I'll work ongetting more of my Canadian author/speaker pals to attend. It was a supercourse.regards and thanks again.

barb bowes
winnipeg, Man.

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It's just after 3 o'clock Monday morning. I arrived home at 10 pm last night from your Millionaire Internet Training workshop and kept my dear wife up till 11:30 sharing all the fantastic things I learned from you! A half hour ago, I got up wide awake. I CAN'T SLEEP because I'm so excited to implement the amazing principles of Internet Marketing you taught us this weekend. As a website promoter, I had NO IDEA how much money I was leaving on the table for myself AND my clients. Gotta go, my new cash cow needs milking!

Forever Grateful,

Jesse Fisher
Website Promoter
Salem, Utah

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