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testimonial for JV call

Hey Mark,I wasn't able to listen in on Matt's live call on 11 Dec, but I did listento the mp3 recording yesterday. He talked about google adwords and a fewstrategies of piling words and changing/adding on site targeted words, andthen adding the conversion tracking. So after I got off the call, I spentsome time and did all that...Lo and behold, this morning when I got on to"test and tweak" my adwords, I noticed that those few things I did lastnight paid off....I'm at 100% conversion on one campaign, and 75% on theother.Bottom line....those mp3 recordings are VALUABLE! Thanks Matt, for doingthose brain dumps and not holding back awesome strategies and straightanswers to the submitted questions. Especially for us newbies to thisinternet marketing stuff..that is, marketing on the internet the profitableway.And Mark, thanks for the brainstorm this morning.....I know I asked for gratiously gave me 20! I do appreciate it....Now back to work re-focusing and tweaking my info products.....m

President, Aroma Rx Inc

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