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Matt--The MIT was Awesome!

Thank you for the efforts of you and your team--everyone did a great job. Secondly, I have a number of ideas that could potnetially make what youdid even more powerful. I'd also really like to give you the input youwant.With that, please send me your specific questions and areas you'd like meto address and I will. It's important to get you exactly what you want.I apprecaite you committment to help me drive some traffic to and throughthe card program. The easiest way to make sure you maximize the revenuethrough this vehicle is to get you enrolled--even if you can't or don'thave time to give to it at the moment.Do you know Kurt Christensen? I heard that he is another big internetmarketing "guru" that has gotten involved? The adwords have already created about 40 clicks today. 40 is better than it was but certainly notwhere it's going.Thanks again for everything--your knowledge is second to none!--

Warmest Regards,
Scott Schilling

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