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what your course has done for me…

Hi, Matt;

I can't even tell you what your course has done for me.
On Thursday, I was an artist, trying to figure out how to
make some money on the Internet. Last night (three days
later, after attending your MIT course, while waiting for a
return flight to California), I watched on my notebook computer
while over fifty people signed up for my newsletter, which
reveals a proven method to draw killer portraits! It would
have taken years to personally talk to, and convince that many
people to take action. That would be incredible enough, but
when I got home, I was too excited to sleep, and I watched
while dozens more did the same, and it's still going!

You guys have given me a new life!

Warmest regards,

Rick Rucker
You Can Draw Amazing Portraits!

P.S. From now on, when people ask me how I got so
much money, I'm going to tell them that I graduated
from MIT, and that made all the difference!

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