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Matt Bacak’s Article Announcer review

Articles have become one of my most favorite ways
to bring in hot new qualified leads. I just love articles.
I usually write about a 300-700 word article and then
submit them to a bunch of different article directories.

I have found that articles are a great way to build credibility,
drive traffic to my sites and a great way to build link. But, the
absolute best thing about them is the viral affect that can accur
because there are some sites that you can submit your articles
to and people will go to that site and take the article and add
the article on there own site.

This viral affect creates momentum.

But, here is the downfall of articles.

Submitting them can be tedious and time consuming.

So I went out and searched for something to
make submitting easier. Many people were talking
about article announcer. But, I was very cautious
becuase the companies other product ezine announcer
was not that good. But I tried it anyway because...

At dinner tonight, Mike Litman and I talked about
submitting articles his brother said that his work
load has decreased because of Article Announcer. Jim
Edwards recently said the same thing. The same
with Tom Antion.

Here is what we found. Yes, it has decreased the work
load a lot. It does make submitting articles a lot easier.

Check it out here:

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