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Dear Mr. Bacak,

I felt most honored to be invited to a free seminar and luncheon as your guest. I received the copy of your “diary” in the mail and wanted to thank you in writing. Due to my health, I am unable to attend, but I thank you deeply and gratefully, not for your invitation, but the wise words and thoughts you so generously shared.

Every action I have had with your company has been impressive. From the first person I talked to and to working with Krystala as my coach, your emails, and now this invitation, I must say your actions and your staff’s actions have been to celebrate my creativeness and my business. These days customer satisfaction seems to be quite overlooked; however you and your team have been of high service to me and certainly worth every dollar in business transactions.

I am honored to be associated with your company and your ideas. Again, thank you for the hand written invitation. If it were possible for me to travel, I would be pleased and appreciative to be there with you all. May you have a wonderful seminar and have lots of fun!

Elaine Gold
P.O. Box 799
Ilwaco, WA

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