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Internet Millionaire Trumps “The Rich Jerk” and Buys His Own Private Plane

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Internet Millionaire Trumps "The Rich Jerk" and Buys His Own Private Plane – Matt Bacak Preparing to One-Up, Up and Away His Internet Marketing Archrival

In a flagrant display of one-upsmanship, The Powerful Promoter, Matt Bacak, soared above his competitor, “The Rich Jerk,” today, flying high in his very own private airplane, an ultra-macho “Piper Commanche 400.”

Suwanee, GA (PRWeb) May 20, 2006 — Internet millionaire Matt Bacak, better known as The Powerful Promoter, today achieved a status his Internet marketing archrival only claims to hold. With “The Rich Jerk” thousands of feet beneath him, Bacak snubbed his nose down on his competitor as he flew the adversarial skies, returning to Georgia from Texas with his newly acquired prized possession leading the way. The proud new owner of a “Piper Commanche 400,” Bacak is ready to flaunt his one-upsmanship to the masses, something the secretive Rich Jerk would only do through boastful pretenses. Up-and-coming Internet marketers who would like to learn how Bacak was able to accomplish such an elite feat can visit him online at

“The Rich Jerk and I have had what I like to refer to as a friendly feud brewing between us for quite some time now. He’s the Internet marketer who ‘claims’ to drive a Ferrari, rake in millions of dollars a year and own his own private jet. All the while, he’s hiding behind his Rich Jerk persona. I, on the other hand, am the Internet marketer who’s unafraid to reveal my true identity and prove my accomplishments to the public,” Bacak explains.

That’s right. In an example of real life imitating television, “The Rich Jerk” is Snuffleupagus to Matt Bacak’s Big Bird. Like the infamous Snuffy, having never shown his face, no one even knows if “The Rich Jerk” really exists. Assuming he is for real, whether he is the mega-rich owner of a personal aircraft is highly suspect as well.

No one can raise the same suspicions about Matt Bacak. With speaking demands for The Powerful Promoter growing, Matt plans to use his newly acquired airplane to fly to events, seminars and other speaking engagements from Orlando to Los Angeles, and the more people who recognize him the merrier. He wants everyone to know that he’s the first Internet marketer to own his own airplane, but not just any airplane, mind you. The ultimate in power, speed, range and style, the “Piper Commanche 400” dominates the entire Comanche line.

For more information on Matt Bacak’s new status symbol, contact Stephanie Bunn at (770) 271-1536 or email her at To learn how you can achieve the kind of wealth needed to own your own aircraft, visit The Powerful Promoter online at

Stephanie Bunn
1140 Old Peachtree Road, Suite D
Suwanee, GA 30024(770) 271-1536

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