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Increases on Average by $5,000 a month!!!

Hey Matt,

I just wanted to share a few stats I've had in my business by just following one simple strategy you've taught.

I opened a new shopping cart (see image) to track the progress of just this one part of my business and as you'll see since October of 2007 to April of 2008 my income from this ONE strategy alone has NOT only increased my monthly revenue in this part of my business by $35,062 per month, but on top of that each month I keep plugging away my
monthly income has increases on average by $5,000 a month.

Do the math. . .

I keep this up and by December that number should jump to around
$85,000 a month – putting just this one part of the business at
$1,000,000+ per year for 2009. The future looks bright, and I haven't
even put ALL your advice into action, expect another update soon.

What Matt says, if you just go out and do it will make you money hands
down. Spending money with Matt is one of the best investments I've
made in my life.

To the top,

Daegan Smith
"The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead"

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