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Here’s my case study

Hi Matt - Here's my case study, all actual figures as of 2pm today:

Matt, all I can say is "YOU ROCK" & thank you for sharing
your system with me. Here's my results so far in just the
first 5 days of using your strategies:

My first press release got 65,647 reads
I went from 236 listings with Google to 409
I've been contacted by 2 radio stations to do interviews
My list has already grown to 328 new e-mails
From just 1 e-mail sent out less than 24 hours ago, I've made over 100 sales

I can't wait to see the results add up as I implement all of the other
great strategies you shared. You make it easy, duplicatable and fun.

You're the best,

Ann Preston -
President of Freedom Builders International, Atlanta, GA

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