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Dear Anonymous Poster

At 1:55 PM. We received an Anonymous Post

We have searched every email account
and every voicemail - and even checked
the call logs looking for you.

It's really hard to take care of
anyone if you are being "Anonymous".

Please let us know who you are
so we can help you quickly.

In the post, it was stated that you
have been emailing an email address
that I don't even own.

Please contact us at:

2763 Meadow Church Rd. Ste 206
Duluth, GA 30097
Main number: 770-623-3008
Fax number : 678-298-8348

FYI: Office Hours are 9-6pm EST

To make it easy to find out support
info we put up these pages for you:
( We have done this a while back )

Please email the the emails on the
pages above if you want help. We are
100% open to help you with any issues
or concerns you may have.

We issued a Press Release about
these websites on July 25, 2009.

The press Release title:

"Matt Bacak's Making It Easier Than Ever to Contact Him"

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